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No job function, including Treasury, is immune from today’s rapid and relentless shifts in technology and changing business expectations. With emerging technologies poised to change every aspect of lives and businesses, the future success of the treasury department depends on its ability to identify and successfully deploy these emerging technologies

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Key themes to be addressed:

Linking the Physical, Digital worlds with Block Chain, IOT for Effective Treasury operations

Strategies and techniques managing interest rate risk and Cash Flow management system

Innovative tools and use of options in Corporate treasury Investments Decisions

Treasury Risk planning: Know your business and be ready to react

Leveraging FX Exposure for risk handling with smart Hedging techniques


Why Should you Attend Future Of Treasury Summit 2018?

Future of Treasury is a premier knowledge-exchange platform which brings all treasurers, CFO, Financial controllers, Head treasurer, Head corporate treasurer, Chief risk officer, Tax Advisor, Market risk advisors other Corporate Finance Management community together to share ideas, information and solutions around the framework, innovation and trends all key developments that will improve the practices in managing treasury risk in corporates.

Who Should Attend Future Of Treasury Summit 2018 ?


Corporate treasurers




Head treasury


Head Finance


Chief risk officer


FX head


Credit risk manager


Financial controller


Tax advisor


Customer Experience Heads and others who are related to financial activities of organizations

Why to sponsor?

Partnering with Future Of Treasury Summit 2018 will enable you to brand and promote your business offerings to a unique and interested set of Senior Professionals. Conference attendees include senior professionals interested in updating their knowledge and involved in legal and commercial elements of complex business deals. The conference will have participants from various industry verticals and gives you a chance to connect with them directly. We have a set of standard branding solutions that we can customise based on your specific need. To maximise your participation, take a couple of minutes to connect with us to find out more on our audience profile.

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